The Largest Funeral and Cemetery Industry Exhibition in Japan




ENDEX JAPAN is the largest business platform involved in the funeral, memorial service, and burial industry in Japan.
More than 250 companies from all over the world exhibit, and 15,000 funeral and memorial industry key persons visit every year to create communication for the development of the industry. In Japan, where the super-aging society is advancing, various new funeral services will be born, the burial format will change from traditional to modern, and the memorial service will be converted to DX in consideration of the convenience of participants. As it progresses, the industry is undergoing remarkable evolution and progress year after year. In Japan, the pre-funeral market has begun to form, and the base of the industry is expanding further, such as inheritance services, end-of-life care, and mortgage services exclusively for the elderly.
ENDEX JAPAN is held every year at Tokyo Big Sight, the largest exhibition venue in Japan, in order to follow the trend of this industry and create future funerals, memorial services, and burial industries. With the spread of COVID-19 infections continuing from 2020, this exhibition, which was held safely in 2020 and 2021 without cancel, is the best milestone showing the roadmap of this industry in the after-COVID-19 era.
In 2022, it will be held on the largest scale ever. ENDEX JAPAN, where key people from this industry, not only in Japan but around the world, will be the best networking and business promotion venues for people involved in the funeral, memorial and burial industries around the world. We sincerely encourage you to participate in this exhibition for the future of this industry and to expand our network of work.
We look forward to seeing you all for three days from August 31st to September 2nd, 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

Floor Plan

ENDEX JAPAN is a specialized exhibition of the latest products and services!

ENDEX JAPAN provides specialized areas according to the exhibitor's products and technologies.


ENDEX JAPAN is held safely even when the infection of COVID-19 spreads, and has been highly evaluated by exhibitors.

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ENDEX JAPAN is the largest exhibition in this industry in Japan.

It is the largest exhibition of funerals, memorial services, and burial industries in Japan, which has been held for eight years without interruption even under the pandemic of COVID-19. Every year, more than 250 companies participate.


A real platform for funeral and burial industry players.

ENDEX JAPAN is a real place for business expansion, with more than 15,000 people involved in funerals, burials, memorial services, and religious industries attending and exchanging information and business negotiations for the future of the industry.


It is a business hub that gathers necessary information.

At ENDEX JAPAN, more than 50 business seminars, management seminars, international conferences, networking parties, etc. are held every year to create the information exchange and strong connections necessary for the development and exchange of this industry. We support the development of your business from various meetings.


*1 All prices are included local tax.

Space Only

8.1 sqm. (3.0m x 2.7m) = 1 Booth

The number of booth Price (per booth / JPY)
1-3 396,000*1
4-8 385,000*1
More than 9 374,000*1

*A booth price is different depends on the number of booth you applied.
*Our agents may have their own price, so please follow the price the agent offers to you.
*If you have agents or distributors in Japan, the local price and benefit are subject to your booth fee.


1 Corner Space Charge

JPY 44,000*1 / Corner


Early Bird Discount

JPY 66,000*1 / Booth

The discount period expires on March 31st(Thu),2022


Shell Scheme Package Plan

Space only plan is not included basic panels. Please apply for Shell Scheme Package Plan or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer.
Shell Scheme Package Plan is available if you do not have own decorator.
Please contact to Show Management office if you would like to receive more information.

*1 All prices are included local tax.


Shell Scheme Package Plan A
Shell Scheme Package Plan B
Shell Scheme Package Plan C
Shell Scheme Package Plan D


ENDEX JAPAN 2022 will proceed to the event according to the following schedule. In the after-COVID-19 world, the sports and wellness industry offers you great business opportunities. Please apply as soon as possible.

By March 2022
Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount(JPY66,000/booth)is available for application who submit the application by the end of March 2022

By April 2022
Application Deadline

June 2022
To Start Promotion

PDF invitation Ticket for free admission will be provided to the exhibitors. You may give out the PDF Invitation to your clients, business partners, etc. for promoting the show, which you’ll be participated in.

AUGUST 29(Mon)・30(Tue), 2022

Booth Installation Days

AUGUST 31(Wed)- SEPTEMBER 2(Fri), 2022


SEPTEMBER 2(Fri), 2022

Booth Dismantling Preiod
Immediately Follows The Show Ends.