Tokyo Int'l Funeral & Cemetery Show Management

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Exhibit Information &
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Exhibitor Profile

Services and Equipment for Funeral and Memorial Area

  • Alter
  • Funeral supplies (Candles, Incense sticks)
  • Funeral vehicles
  • Casket
  • Cremation pot (container)
  • Photo to display
  • Burial outfit
  • Dry ice
  • Embalming, sterilization
  • sterilization-related facilities
  • Refrigerated storage for remains
  • Picture and sound effects equipment
  • Setup facility
  • Exterior
  • Sign board
  • Digital signage
  • Make-up kit for embalming
  • Cremator
  • Meal
  • Delivery meal
  • Gift
  • Photo/Movie services
  • Presentation service
  • Rental/Lease supplies

Supporting Business and Outsourcing Area

  • Auto-Calliography System
  • Member Management system
  • Software for Letter of Appreciation
  • Temp Service for Presenter
  • Education Service
  • Body Storage
  • Arrange Buddhist Monk
  • School

Grave and Cemetery Area (Equipment and Services for Grave and Cemetery)

  • Stone Materials
  • Grave/Cemetery Land Development
  • Grave Stone
  • Memorial Statue
  • Cemetery Land Management Services

Buddhist Altar and Equipment for Temple and Shrine Area
(Equipment and supply for temple and shrine)

  • Buddha Statue
  • Altar
  • Cineration Place
  • Altar Supplies
  • Prayer Beads
  • Management System for Member of Grave Holder
  • Other Supplies and Services for Shrine

Services for The End of Life Care and Bereaved Family Area

  • Inheritance Measures
  • Insurance
  • Abandoned House Care
  • Cleaning Services
  • Guardianship Services
  • Account management Services
  • Consultation for Law Services

Formal Wear Area

  • Formal Suite
  • Kimono
  • Ties
  • Shoes
  • Uniforms
  • Wrapping accessories

Flowers for Funeral and Memorial Area

  • Fresh/Artificial Flowers
  • Flower Display Services

Funeral and memorial services for pets (Special presentation for pet funeral)

  • Consultation Services for Pet Funeral
  • Burial/Memorial Ceremony
  • Pet Insurance
  • Other related products and services

Visitor Profile

  • Funeral business related key persons
  • Cemetery/Graveyard managers
  • Buddhist altar suppliers
  • Government, association, and organization
  • Retailers and distributors
  • Managers of shrines and temples
  • Buddhist priests from shrines, and temples
  • Flower shops/Flower arrangement services
  • Hospital/Nursing care business companies
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Ceremonial occasion companies
  • Mail order services
  • Persons who prepare for their own terminal lives

Booth & Package FeesAll price includes 8% Consumption Tax.

Standard Booth Space

Booth size

1 booth = 8.1sqm (3m x 2.7m)

First-time Exhibitor: JPY291,600 / Booth

Repeated Exhibitor: JPY324,000 / Booth

*This plan is for booth space only. Basic panels are not included.
*Please apply for Shell Scheme Package or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer.

Early Bird Discount of JPY32,400/Booth is available until February 28th, 2017!

Corner Discount of JPY 21,600 / Corner is available until February 28th, 2017. *Apply more than 2 standard booths and get 1 free corner.

Corner Space

Corner space is available with additional charge.

JPY21,600 / Corner

Shell Scheme Package

JPY86,400 / Booth

This package includes the basic construction and the following contents:

  • Side and back panels
    *Color selection: white, black, blue, red, green, yellow or navy.
  • Carpet (8.1 sqm)
    *Color selection: black, gray, blue, red or green.
  • 1 company sigh board
  • 1 electrical outlet (1000w / Usage charge is included)

Variety of rental supplies and display equipments are available for additional charge.
For Further information ,please feel free to contact us.

Speciality of Life Ending Industry EXPO 2018

Life Ending Industry EXPO -ENDEX- is the largest trade show which gathered equipment, services, and information in the field of funeral, memorial, and burial industry in Japan. The scale of ENDEX 2017 will be twice larger than the previous year and 28,000 expected visitors who are especially in the funeral services, cemetery managements, shrines and temples, government, association and more will be gathered in Life Ending Industry EXPO 2017.